2018-05-03 06:45 pm

Hello. This is YG Entertainment, production company of ‘MIXNINE’.

First of all, we would like to thank the fans who have supported ‘MIXNINE’.

There have been news articles releases regarding the debut of the top 9 from ‘MIXNINE’ being foundered before YG’s official announcement. We feel deeply sorry and responsible for everyone that felt disappointed at such outcome.

The purpose of the program ‘MIXNINE’ was to find hidden gems that dreamt about becoming artists despite a lack of good environment, and let the public know rookies from other agencies that have already made debut, but have not yet seen the light even with good talent. 

Furthermore, the final goal was to utilize YG’s production system, know-hows, and global infrastructure built from the experience of record producing for the last 21 years to help trainees from other agencies let their name known not only in Korea but also in Asia, and eventually the whole world as members of a star group.

However, the program did not receive enough attention as expected.

YG Entertainment’s producer YANG HYUN SUK has been strategically thinking on how to help the group consisted of the top 9 ‘succeed’, regardless of the program’s success and had a meeting with the representatives from the 6 different agencies.

As previously announced, MIXNINE’s contract period was ‘4 months and a concert abroad’.   

Since it is hard to receive attention in the K-Pop scene as a group despite great talent these days and the representatives understood the hardships as producers, they had a meeting to discuss new plans and exchange each other’s opinions.

What was YANG HYUN SUK’s new plan?

It was an offer on members being active in their own agencies during half a year over a period of 3 years, and the 9 members gather during the other half (6 months) to be active as ‘MIXNINE’.

What was the reason behind YANG HYUN SUK’s new offer?

The initially planned period of 4 months was too short to prepare for a new song, shoot a music video, and practice choreography. Also, a group needs at least 15 songs to hold their own concert, but it was impossible to create so many songs within the promised 4 months. 

Aggregating opinions on the first proposal, most agencies thought the period of 6 months was too long and could become a burden.

YANG HYUN SUK understood their positions and opinions, and made a second proposal with a shortened period of 3 months, consisted of 1 month of preparation and 2 active months. However, the proposal failed to get consent from the representatives at the meeting last week.

The meetings were held for a total of 7 times at a natural and calm mood, and the participants were considerate on each other’s opinions rather than forcing their own opinions. We would like to make it clear that there hasn’t been the slightest inconvenient moment during the meetings.

Although we have failed to reach an agreement, we would like to thank the representatives that took their time to discuss about ‘MIXNINE’ despite their busy schedules.

YG Entertainment has no excuses on this final outcome. We thought it is our duty to explain at least the shortened inside story of what actually happened.

Again, we would like to thank the fans who have supported ‘MIXNINE’. YG Entertainment will sincerely hope for success on the future of not only the top 9 members of ‘MIXNINE’, but on the future of all participants of ‘MIXNINE’. 

We sincerely thank everyone for their support and bow our heads to extend our apologies on not being able to keep our promise.     

2018. 5. 3.