2018-05-25 10:00 am

Hello, this is YANG HYUN SUK… (Bow)

It’s been a couple years since I met you all in writing.

I’ve recently been hospitalized due to severe herniated cervical disk pain, but got myself together and partially came back to business. I’ve never had so much pain in my life, I must’ve been pushing myself to hard.

I’m shortly communicating with the fans through Instagram from time to time, but I would like to explain some of the fans’ curiosities and important issues in detail today.

The writing may be lousy since I lack in writing skills, but I hope my sincerity will pass on to everyone without being misunderstood.

I will answer the fans’ curiosities in a questionnaire format.

Q. Most members of BIGBANG are enlisted in the army. Aren’t you concerned as the head of YG?

A. Besides SEUNGRI who didn’t enlist yet, the other 4 members will be discharged at the end of next year, so BIGBANG’s vacancy won’t be that long.

BIGBANG made debut on August 2006, so it’s their 12th year since debut now.

I’ve stated many times that I would like to create a group that lasts for 10 years when BIGBANG first made debut. Like the title of BIGBANG’s song, ‘LIES’, I feel like BIGBANG whom I wished to grow as a big tree eventually grew up to become a huge mountain.

It’s difficult and rare for a dance group to stay relevant for 10 years, but it’s globally unprecedented for a group to upgrade every year and gain more popularity as time goes by, as BIGBANG did.

I hope that BIGBANG will be a good example for the new and upcoming junior groups who would like to do the same and stay close with the fans for a long time.

Q. iKON and WINNER had a good start as YG’s first and second runners of 2018.

A. Do they have plans to release new songs this year?

As a producer, the most important aspect I look for in our artists is whether their ‘growth plates are still open’.

I’m referring to music of course, and the development potential through music.

Fortunately, both groups are artist type groups that can write and compose their own music, and since the level of completion of their official albums were very high, we can assume their growth plates are still wide open.

Since both groups are busily working on new songs despite their busy schedules, I think we’ll be able to share some good news at the end of this year.

Q. When is BLACKPINK releasing their new songs?

A. I admit that BLACKPINK’s vacancy was too long, as YG’s only female group.

The fans wished for more songs since BLACKPINK has been only releasing singles since debut, so BLACKPINK will release their first mini album on June 15.

As we have been preparing for a long time, we were able to create satisfactory outcomes, and we expect that BLACKPINK will be able to consistently release new songs and promote new releases starting from June until the end of this year.

Please support and look forward to BLACKPINK’s upcoming non-stop run.

Q. People are wondering when KATIE KIM, the winner of ‘K-Pop Star’ Season 4, will make debut.

A. After a few consultations with Katie after she joined YG, we found out that Katie pursues Billboard-like music from the States.

Katie Kim, born in 1993, immigrated to New Jersey with her family when she was 10 years old and spent her adolescence in the States until she became 21. Therefore, she was more accustomed to the culture and music of the United States, rather than the Korean Pop culture.

YG decided to provide the best environment to create the type of music Katie pursues, and Katie completed recording many songs over the years by visiting the United States multiple times to participate song camps with foreign music producers.

As a result, we even finished filming multiple music videos including videos shot in the United States, for her successful debut.

However, I’m sorry to share the news that Katie Kim transferred to a newly born agency.

In other words, Katie Kim’s debut album was prepared in YG, but she will make debut in a different agency.

The reason why Katie Kim transferred to another agency with her debut coming up is because an executive from YG who decided to go independent this year was in charge of Katie’s promotion plans after her debut, which caused confusion in Katie’s debut schedule.

I’ve met Katie and the according executive independently to consult and decide what was best for Katie’s future, and let Katie make her own decision in the end.

Katie eventually decided to transfer to the new agency established by the according executive, while YG decided to support Katie by distributing her music and maintain our connection. We wish for Katie’s successful debut and will provide continuous support.

There will be an official announcement soon, regarding the news of Katie’s debut album by the new agency. Please show her a lot of love and support.

P.S. Since the contents are getting too long, I will meet you again tomorrow morning with the rest of the news. Thank you.