‘V LIVE’ iKON’s Hit Premonition on ‘KILLING ME’… “Burning Youth + Best Group Dance” [COMPREHENSIVE]

2018-08-02 06:56 pm

[마이데일리 = 김나라 기자] Group iKON notified their comeback with the new song ‘KILLING ME’. 

On August 2, iKON had a comeback countdown V LIVE broadcast through Naver’s V-app. The live broadcast was prepared to celebrate the release of their new mini album ‘NEW KIDS: CONTINUE’ with the fans at 6 PM.

The album is the final series from the trilogy that began with ‘NEW KIDS: BEGIN’ released last year on May and ‘RETURN’ released this year on January and contains the meaning of continuing their hard work and passion. 

The title song was written by leader B.I and is titled, ‘KILLING ME’. They revealed dark charms and matured emotions, displaying their unexpected charismatic charms.

On the song ‘KILLING ME’, B.I explained, “It will be easier to understand and empathize with if you focus on the title of the song”. 

He continued, “The phrase ‘Killing me’ is a heavy, but commonly used in our daily lives. I’ve earned inspiration from this and decided to write a song about it. It’s like my resolution”. 

On the contents of the lyrics, B.I stated, “It illustrates confused emotions not knowing whether one misses his ex-lover because he really misses her, or simply because he is lonely by himself”. 

The members raised anticipation on the album by revealing their determinations. The youngest member CHAN strongly stated, “We’ll do well”, while JU-NE stated that he’ll “Show the strengths of a burning youth”.

BOBBY continued, “Please look forward to our new album. We worked hard”, while B.I stated, “We’ve prepared a lot of gifts. We’ll act young, tough, and freely as always”.

JAY stated, “Missing all of you almost killed me”, while DK stated, “Please support ‘KILLING ME’”. Lastly, SONG requested, “Please look forward to iKON’s best group dance”. 

2018. 8. 2.