BLACKPINK Finalizes 7-Week Promotional Period… Set Milestone by Entering Billboard’s Main Charts

2018-08-03 09:06 pm

[디지털이슈팀=유병철 기자]

BLACKPINK will finalize their 7-week promotional period after re-writing K-Pop history. 

With their appearances on MBC ‘Show Music Core’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on August 4th and 5th respectively, BLACKPINK will finalize their promotional period for their first mini album ‘SQUARE UP’. BLACKPINK will perform their goodbye stage with the sub-title song ‘FOREVER YOUNG’.

Although it hasn’t been even 2 years since BLACKPINK made debut, the group set milestones day by day after releasing their first album. 

After making comeback on June 15, the group topped Melon’s daily chart for 30 consecutive days with the title song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. The record was achieved for the first time among K-Pop artists after the chart reformation that happened last year on February. 

The group also topped weekly charts for 4 consecutive weeks in music platforms including Melon, Bugs, and Genie, becoming a ‘powerful force’ in Korean music charts.

Korea was not big enough for BLACKPINK’s influence. Without any promotional activities overseas, BLACKPINK debuted on Billboard’s main charts including the ‘Billboard 200’ and ‘Hot 100’ as no. 40 and no. 55 respectively, for the first time among K-Pop girl groups. They became the ‘no. 1 K-Pop girl group’ that represents K-Pop.

The group also re-wrote YouTube related records, proving their nickname ‘view count fairies’. 

Their video also became the 2nd most watched MV on YouTube in 24 hours since its release. The record was 2nd only to Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, and no. 1 in the world based on this year’s records.

The MV for ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ surpassed 10 million views in 6 hours and swept all time related records previously held by K-Pop girl groups until they reached 100 million views. 

The video became the fastest video to surpass 150 million views including all MVs released by K-Pop boy groups and surpassed 200 million views in 33 days. The record shortened the previous record by 11 days, setting a milestone in K-Pop history. 

Despite being a girl group with a weaker fandom compared to boy groups, BLACKPINK became the group that surpassed 200 million views in the shortest amount of time. 

BLACKPINK’s 6 MVs released ever since debut all reached over 100 million views, becoming the ‘YouTube Queen’. After setting another milestone, they proved their status as the ‘new record generators’.

BLACKPINK kicked off their activities as world stars on the 24th by holding their first arena tour in Japan. In the end of the year, they will enter Japan’s Kyocera Dome for the first time as a foreign girl group.

Although they will have their goodbye performance in Korea this week, people are already highly anticipating BLACKPINK’s return as they release songs people can ‘trust and listen to’. 

2018. 8. 3.