‘Solo D-3 ‘JENNIE Unexpectedly Reveals MV Teaser for ‘SOLO’, “Solo That Shines” [Oh!SSEN CUT]

2018-11-09 11:06 am

[OSEN=지민경 기자] With her first-ever solo debut 3 days ahead on the 12th, JENNIE revealed the MV teaser for her upcoming single, ‘SOLO’.

Today (9th) at 10 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the MV teaser clip for JENNIE’s first solo track, ‘SOLO’ through their official blog (www.yg-life.com). Unlike the previously revealed teasers, the clip contained scenes from the MV itself, raising curiosities of fans. 

JENNIE was walking down the garden or thinking be herself in the video. JENNIE’s funky walk across an exotic street also raised curiosities on the concept of the MV. The teaser also revealed a phrase from the lyrics that stated, “Solo that shines”, raising anticipation on the full track. 

JENNIE’s first-ever solo track ‘SOLO’ being released on the 12th (Mon) was written by TEDDY, who worked on all songs by BLACKPINK ever since they made debut. The song was composed by TEDDY and 24. ‘SOLO’ is a Hip-Hop track incorporating elements of Pop music, which has direct, sincere lyrics added on top of the beautiful chords and simple melody line of the intro that captures the listeners’ ears in an instant. 

The new song will present two sides of JENNIE as a weak young girl and a strong independent woman, coexisting within her inner and outer self. 

JENNIE made various opinions while preparing for her solo debut. She stated, “I tried hard to emphasize the color of ‘JENNIE’ during the preparation” and added, “I like to have style, performances, and vocals match together so I mentioned a lot of concepts I always wanted to do, and thought would be appropriate”.

On being the first runner from BLACKPINK to be releasing a solo track, JENNIE shared her thoughts by stating, “Each member will prepare solo projects in the future. I would like to mark a great start”. 

The first performance of JENNIE’s ‘SOLO’ will be revealed for the first time through BLACKPINK’s solo concert being held in Seoul KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Arena) on the 10th and 11th. 

Furthermore, BLACKPINK will hold the group’s first-ever world tour next year on January. The group is expected to meet their fans in various cities in addition to the scheduled 8 concerts in 7 cities.

2018. 11. 9.