MINO Reveals Choreography for ‘FIANCÉ’… Will Perform on ‘Music Core’ on December 1

2018-11-28 10:39 am
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[엑스포츠뉴스=전아람 기자] While WINNER’s MINO is dominating music charts for 3 days, he additionally revealed a choreography video. 

On November 28 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment revealed the choreography video for ‘FIANCÉ’ through their official blog. The video is raising the expectations of fans since it is the first video revealed prior to the music broadcast. 

MINO grabs the viewers’ attention for 4 minutes in the video through his emotional expressions of missing another person, while metaphorically referring her as ‘fiancé’ or ‘blue bird’. The strong gesture at the hook thrives for ‘my blue bird’, while presenting MINO’s unique charms through its sexy performance.

The choreography for MINO’s ‘FIANCÉ’ was directed by world-famous choreographer Kinjaz, presenting a variety of attractions for the viewers who also participated in WINNER’s ‘EVERYDAY’. A high-quality performance was born through the collaboration of a world-famous choreographer with trendy senses and MINO with simple yet powerful expressions. 

The choreography video was also directed by Gold Finger, known as the best expert in dance videos, adding a variety of attractions and beautiful visual arts. 

The title song ‘FIANCÉ’ from MINO’s first solo album ‘XX’ released on the 26th at 6 PM is maintaining its no. 1 spot on major music charts including Melon, Korea’s largest music streaming platform, for 3 consecutive days. The song is at no. 1 on 6 different charts including Melon, Mnet, Genie, Olleh, Monkey 3, and Soribada as of today at 9 AM.

The MV for the song has reached 6 million views in one day with the heated reactions by fans on MINO’s solo debut. 

MINO’s hard work of writing, composing, and producing all 12 tracks from his first solo album paid off. Not only the title song ‘FIANCÉ’, but also other tracks successfully charted-in, receiving broad support from the public. 

US Billboard also praised MINO by writing, “WINNER’s MINO came back with a new genre, incorporating elements of trot music into Hip-Hop” and added, “The MV inspired by traditional Korean culture and its beauty is also impressive”. 

‘FIANCÉ’ samples the popular 70s traditional song titled ‘Soyanggang Maid’, combining Hip-Hop and trot into a new direction. The song ‘FIANCÉ’ that created MINO’s new genre gained not only popularity among the public, but also reviews that the song sounds unique. 

On the heated reactions coming from Korea and the rest of the world, MINO shared his thoughts by stating, “It feels amazing and grateful that my childhood dreams are coming true one by one” and added, “There are a lot of good people around me. I wonder how I should repay them”. 

After successfully capturing the public with his first solo album in 5 years, MINO will perform ‘FIANCÉ’ for the first time on December 1 through MBC ‘Show! Music Core’.

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