iKON Heats Up ‘SXSW’, The World’s Biggest Music Festival… “First Performance in the US, We’re Happy”

2019-03-15 07:24 pm

[OSEN=지민경기자] iKON fascinated the audience of ‘SXSW’, the world’s biggest music festival, which was their first performance in the US.

On March 13(local time), iKON decorated the finale of the ‘Korea Spotlight’ showcase of ‘SXSW’ held in ACL Live at The Moody Theatre located in Austin, Texas, as Korea’s representative group.

Austin was crowded with fans of iKON who came to watch the group perform, even prior to the showcase. iKONICs of the US gathered in Austin airport greeted the members of iKON with cheers and looked forward to their performance while lining up during early hours in front of the venue.

While approximately 3,000 audiences gathered, iKON performed a total of 10 hit songs including ‘KILLING ME’ which was the opening song, ‘RHYTHM TA{Rock ver.}’, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, ‘MY TYPE’, and ‘FREEDOM’. The local music fans of the US were fascinated by iKON’s charismatic group dance and their perfect performance and responded with loud cheers.

In the middle of their performances, JAY shared his thoughts to the fans by stating, “It’s our first time in the US and in ‘SXSW’. We’re so happy to meet iKONIC of the US and we missed you”, while the fans showed heated reactions. The local fans sang-along to iKON’s songs in Korean and communicated with the members by shaking Kon bats, iKON’s official lighting sticks, throughout the entire show.

The members communicated with local fans in fluent English while eye-contacting with the fans in a close range, filling up the venue with passion as they would do during an official concert. In the end, iKON presented encore performances of ‘BLING BLING’ and ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ which were not originally scheduled, capturing their fans’ hearts with their tireless stage manners.

Lastly, DK said goodbye to the local fans by stating, “We’re happy to be in Austin today, and it’s an honor. Thank you for greeting us and giving as a great gift. iKONIC is always the best”.

‘SXSW’, which started back in 1987, is one of the 3 largest music markets of the globe in addition to UK’s ‘The Great Escape’ and France’s ‘MIDEM’. The festival is held every year during the Spring and is known as the largest music festival of the US which gathers approximately 2 thousand musician teams and 20 thousand staff members from 50 countries.

2019. 3. 15.