YG Entertainment’s Official Announcement about WINNER

2016-10-12 04:00 pm

This is an official announcement about WINNER by YG Entertainment (YG).

YG hereby announces that the release of WINNER’S new single will be delayed
until further notice due to unexpected circumstances.

NAM TAEHYUN, a member of WINNER, has had mental health issues
since he was a trainee, but his condition has gotten worse recently.

A few months ago, YG met with NAM TAEHYUN and his mother
to discuss his conditionand decided that he is not well enough to work.
YG had all of WINNER’s activities on hold so that
NAM TAEHYUN could focus on getting well.

This is because the health of the members is of utmost importance.

The reason we were not able to tell this news earlier was
that health issues are difficult to predict and, if NAM TAEHYUN recovers soon,
we were going to let WINNER continue on with their activities.
However, we are sad to say that this is not the case.

Currently, NAM TAEHYUN is staying with his mother for a quick and stable recovery.

At the moment, it is hard to say when WINNER will be able to come back,
but YG will do everything in its power to help WINNER overcome this crisis.

Thank you.

2016. 10. 12.